Assigning Individual Items to Storage Areas

    Adding Individual Items to Storage

    Within the Bevager/Foodager platform you can assign items to storage locations. This helps streamline the Audit process when you take inventory in the system. Bin numbers can be allocated to individual items so you can ensure they are placed and stored in the correct locations.

    Assign an item to storage by following these simple steps:

    1. Click Inventory -> Inventory from the navigation menu.


    2. Locate the desired item and click directly on the item name (in blue).


    3. From the Item Details page click on the Storage tab.


    4. Click the +Add Storage button to add storage location(s) if needed.

    5. Click the dropdown arrow under the storage box to allocate a location.

    6. Add a bin number in the field to the right (think of this as a shelf number).
      These help to ensure items are placed in the correct storage locations at your venue.

    7. Click Save Item at the bottom right when finished.


      Things to Keep in Mind 
      When creating an item from scratch, all default storage locations will be available under the Storage tab. If an item is only stored in one or a handful of locations at your venue, simply click the blue X button to the far left to remove that specific unused location. Any storage locations that are removed can always be added back by clicking the +Add Storage button.

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